Dr. Dannica Fleuss
Research Fellow / Senior Lecturer

CfP: Workshop AK Hochschullehre/DVPW; Teaching & Learning Standing Group, German Political Science Association

We warmly invite teachers and scholars from all parts of the globe and from all sub-disciplines in political science (and related fields) to submit their proposals for our Workshop in Muenster (23-24 March 2023) by 17 January 2023!

Please find the call here!

Democratising and Decolonising Democratic Theory: Beyond the White and Western Gaze

Democratising political theory requires decolonising theory!

Many thanks to East African hospitality — and for invaluable discussions at the University of Dar es Salaam (Tanzania) and and the Centre for Science and Technology Studies (TUK, Kenya) about Democratic Theory beyond the West/Global North that helped me to better understand my own work and role — and to refine and rethink my ongoing fieldwork on emancipatory processes “beyond the academic ivory tower“. 

Upcoming projects wouldn’t be possible without  your Suaheli lessons, engaged interdisciplinary dialogues and, plain and simple: lived experience! Asante sana!!



Book launches: Radical Proceduralism — hosted by Political Studies Association (UK) and at the Britain an Ireland Political Thought Association’s Conference (Oxford) 

It was my pleasure to debate “Radical Proceduralism: Democracy from Philosophical Principles to Political Institutions” with distinguished colleagues—cheers to John Parkinson (Maastricht), Sonia Bussu (Manchester), Andrew Knops (Birmingham) and Rod Dacombe for invigorating, challenging, enjoyable debates!

The recording of the PSA launch, Organizer by the Participatory and Deliberative Democracy Specialist Group can be found here!


Webinar Series in October 2021: "Beyond Liberal Democracy: African & Western Perspectives in Dialogue"

Check out the programme and register here for Webinar 1 & Webinar 2!

"The Impacts of Situated Knowledge and Feminist Epistemology on Egalitarian Politics - in "the West" and Beyond" 

April 2020, Guest Lecture at the African Women's Studies Center, University of Nairobi

Definitely one of the most stimulating and exciting exchanges on how and why to avoid paternalism in democratic theory so far - cheers to amazing staff and PhD students at AWSC for engaging with my forthcoming book's claims in such an engaging, inspiring and encouraging way!  

Guest lecture at the University of Nairobi: Epistemic Abstinence and/or Political Activism?

January 2021

Democracies’ political legitimacy crucially depends on their acknowledgment of all individuals’ equal autonomy: policies and principles are legitimate if and only if they result from inclusive democratic procedures. This means that all members of a community have equal rights to determine their collective course of action.  My lecture critically assessed what this ‘normative core’ of democratic political legitimacy means for the role of political philosophers or theorists. 

My thanks goes to Dr. Reginald Odour and inspiring colleagues at the University of Nairobi for lively debates!

Webinar Series / PSA, ECPR & APSA groups are "Rebooting Democracy"

November 2020

The three-part webinar series "Democracy Rebooted: Classic Concepts for Contemporary Times" is designed to revisit key concepts in democratic theory and practice and reflect on their relevance today. Participants are encouraged to take part in the conversation as well. Speakers are Donatella della Porta, Graham Smith and Jane Mansbridge.

The series is co-hosted by the Political Studies' Association's Specialist Group for Participatory and Deliberative Democracy (PDD), the ECPR Standing Group on Democratic Innovations, and the newly formed APSA Related Group on Democratic Innovations.

For full info and recordings of the webinars that happened so far click here

Podcast released: Evaluating Online Deliberation with Lyn Carson, NewDemocracy Foundation (Sydney)


Episode 17, Facilitating Public Deliberation Podcast - available here


Participatory & Deliberative Democracy Specialist Group, PSA: Co-Conveners and Webinar Series


I'm very glad to be one of the freshly elected co-conveners of the Political Studies Association's Specialist Group for Participatory and Deliberative Democracy. Thanks for the support and input at PDD's Annual General Meeting. 

Our first project is the Summer Webinar Series - check out  the full program and registration links here

Fourth Deliberative Democracy Summer School, University of Canberra


So glad to be part of this - amazing PhD projects and international  scholars coming together at the Centre for Deliberative Democracy and Global Governance to debate deliberative democratic theory, empirical research, political practice!

Public panel discussion at Hamburg Research Academy: "Departments statt Lehrstühle?" - Working conditions in German Academia


Hamburg Research Academy's Postdoc Council (represented by Benedikt Kriegesmann and myself) organised and chaired a public panel discussion on working conditions and job perspectives for young researchers in Germany - featuring Arndt Wonka (Uni Bremen), Jule Specht (HU Berlin), Christoph Harig (HSU Hamburg) & René Gögge (B90 / Die Grünen, Hamburg). 

Check out the report here: "Departments statt Lehrstühle - Freiheit für den akademischen Mittelbau?" - Gastbeitrag, Blog Hamburg Research Academy

Stay tuned for our podcast! 



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